What we offer

Rexburg Orthodontics provides a wide variety of treatment options for early childhood to adult smile correction.

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*Multiple treatment options

Whether you choose traditional metal braces, clear braces, or the Invisalign® system, Rexburg Orthodontics’ expertise will bring out the smile in you!

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About Orthodontics


The goal of orthodontics is to create a beautiful smile and a correctly fitting bite. A good bite is necessary for you to bite, chew, and speak correctly. Many options include traditional metal braces, tooth colored braces, clear aligners (Invisalign®), retainers, and other orthodontic appliances as appropriate.

Dr. Summers spends time with each of his patients to create a treatment plan specifically for their individual needs.


He will take your unique needs and wishes into consideration when recommending the best treatment option for you.


Why an orthodontist?

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To have the best and healthiest smile you can have, rely on orthodontists' expertise which comes from extensive education. In addition to completing four years of dental school, orthodontists go on to complete two to three years of additional orthodontic training at an accredited orthodontic residency.


Dr. Summers is a specialist

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After Dr. Andrew Summers completed the four years of dental school, he went on to an additional three years of specialized orthodontic training at West Virginia University. He also received his Masters degree, as well as his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree. Orthodontists limit their practice to their specialty area ensuring you receive the best results possible.

  • Certification in Dental Surgery, you want someone who knows what they are doing.

  • Steady hands, Dr. Summers is meticulous and patient, he’ll get it done right.

  • State of the Art Equipment, new facility! feel free to take a tour.

Dr. Summers is professional and personable, if you have any questions at any time he is more than happy to answer them.